Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Read This if You Feel Down

Dear friends :

Do you sometimes feel that life have beaten down and you're overwhelmed with adversities?

May be these words of wisdom extracted from "The Greatest Miracle in the World" by Mr Og Mandino will lift your spirit :

Memorandum from God

Mr Og Mandino was an inspirational writer who had written a number of books which have changed peoples' lives and even to the extend of saving their lives. He chanced upon Mr Simon Potter, a wise, gentle old man who called himself a "Ragpicker of people". Simon lent Mr Og a helping hand when he was stuck in the cold, snowy car park near his office. What ensued was an endearing, mysterious friendship between these 2 great men. Mr Og Mandino was enlightened by Simon's philosophy of life and his many words of wisdom shared during their frequent meetings. The book "The Greatest Miracle in the World" described how they first met. From the author's beautiful writing style you'll pick up golden nuggets everywhere, including the "Memorandum from God". The book will encourage and perks you up if you happen to be at a crossroad feeling that you've failed or faced with insurmountable obstacles. You'll be touched many times while reading the book.

If you're in Singapore, you can pick up this brilliant book at less than S$10 at the Popular Bookshop. You may get a further 20% discount since they are having a "Jumpstart Your Life" promotion which run till end April 2010. (Latest : I've checked that if you bought it at less than S$10, the 20% discount doesn't apply.)

Or you can buy it from this link :

The Greatest Miracle in the World

On the same note, you may also be interested in reading "The Greatest Mystery in the World", the last book written by Mr Og Mandino. The author had some final moments with his old friend, Mr Simon Potter. Simon left him an old notebook containing the "The 7 Rungs of Life's Ladder" which he hoped Mr Og would share with the world. Be prepared that you will both cry and be enlightened by this final book from Mr Og Mandino.

As mentioned, you can pick up this book from the Popular Bookshop at less than S$10, or you can choose to buy from the following link :

Greatest Mystery in the World

I hope the above-mentioned books will help you in any way in your life.

Best Regards,

Tony Chai