Sunday, September 04, 2005

Live Freely! Seminar by Dr Clemen Chiang


To be fair, I believe you should read the following news articles before you read this review any further. Thank You.

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Frankly speaking, I wouldn't have reached this far with my stock options trading (especially when I spotted winning trades) if it's not because of Dr Clemen Chiang's Live Freely Options Trading Seminar.

If you visit the Live Freely web-site, you'll realise that Dr Clemen Chiang has a list of credentials to his name but to me what's heart-warming about him is his passion to see his graduates succeed. In his seminar, he taught us the skills & techniques of trading US stock options, which were refined from his many years of stock options trading experiences, to be the most appropriate for stock options trading.

In the Live Freely Seminar, Dr Clemen Chiang spent some time teaching us about Technical Analysis (TA) ie. stock chart reading & the use of technical indicators. But I find his sharing in the observation of the price, volume & Level II Code to be most powerful. From my own stock option trading experiences, I find that monitoring the price, volume & Level II Code enables me to determine the how the stock market is reacting to a particular stock and that is useful in guiding me when I would enter and exit an stock option trade position. The observation would sometimes throw caution on whether I should walk away from a stock options trade so as to conserve my money although the fundamental aspect of the stock might seem promising. I realise you might learn about the technique of analysing price, volume & Level II Code from certain trading books but I have yet to read one which teaches you how to apply the observation of price, volume & Level II Code comprehensively compared to his stock options trading seminar.

The Fundamental Analysis (FA) of a stock is actually the research of a company's business background in term of its past, current earnings & growth performance, financial position, institutional ownership, industry ranking etc. This is a important step that Dr Clemen Chiang want us to stick to before trading an option of a particular company. FA is important if you intend to trade options using Freely Most Powerful Strategy, which I would touch on later. Once again, I find Dr Clemen Chiang's sharing of the importance of looking into company's legal insider trading to be useful. At times, I would look into such insider trading transactions to determine whether I want to take up an option trade using Freely Most Powerful Strategy.

In the Live Freely Seminar, you'll be taught 3 very useful strategies in trading stock options :-

Freely Dynamic Strategy - Dr Clemen Chiang taught us how to utilise a 12-steps funneling procedure to select the best stock(s) to trade credit spreads ie. Bull Put Spread or Bear Call Spread.

Freely Powerful Strategy - an intra-day stock options trading technique following the 11-candles rule.

Freely Most Powerful Strategy - Dr Clemen Chiang taught us how to perform detailed analysis of stocks that would have high probability of gapping up/down in certain events eg. earnings announcement so as to capture the maximum profit from the increase in options premium when such a large price movement occurred.

Dr Clemen Chiang stressed that the most important discipline that a trader must stick to is money management. Whenever a trader becomes overly confident and starts "betting on the farm" on every trade, or when a trader wants to desperately recover from earlier losses by plunging a large sum on a single trade, he or she is committing financial suicide and would see his or her trading capital wiped out in no time. Dr Clemen Chiang's advice is to risk not more than 5% of your trading capital in every stock option trade.

When we have questions, Dr Clemen Chiang would patiently answer each and every one until all our queries were clarified. He has also recently relocated his training to a new Options Trading Facility known as Mice@CozyCot in a prime district in Singapore with a generous 15,000 square feet area equipped with wireless broadband environment, all from his heart of providing the best learning environment for everyone of his graduates to succeed.

Despite a busy schedule, he would take time to visit the online forum that he has specially set up for all Live Freely graduates and encourage them to post winning stock options trades so that this would motivate other fellow graduates not to give up so easily when we encountering losing trades and to persevere in their stock option trading journey till they succeed.

Dr Clemen Chiang has the passion to see everyone of us achieve financial freedom with stock options trading and so far from the numerous winning trades that I've seen posted in the forum I would like to humbly commend that he has truly done a great job in the inculcation of his stock options trading skills!!

Dr Clemen Chiang conducts free Live Freely Workshops and a 4-Day Live Freely Seminar regularly in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & Hong Kong. Do make an effort to attend one of his free Live Freely Workshop when he happens to drop by your town and you'll know what I mean when I say he's a man full of energy, enthusiasm and passion to see that every of his graduates achieve financial successes from his stock option trading teachings.

And if you decide to register for the 4-Days Live Freely Seminar, I hope you could do me a small favour to inform the organiser that you were referred by me, Tony Chai from Batch 14, when you locate this information this stock options trading blog. I would like to say a Big "Thank You" for your kindness to a disabled options trader. Just a kind reminder : it's much cheaper to register for the 4-Days Live Freely Seminar right after you attend the Live Freely Stock Options Trading Workshop.

I'm pleased to inform that I'm currently holding position # 13 in the Live Freely Challenge Roll of Honour. If you refer back to my Stock Options Trading Blog, the 2,033% Profit with ANF Put Option in August 2005 was the winning stock options trade which put me in the #11 position. And I just want to repeat that I won't achieve this type of astounding winning trade if not from the teachings and passion from Dr Clemen Chiang.

Live Freely Seminar

I'm still working hard to maintain consistency in achieving profitable trades.

Wishing you Profitable in your Trading too.

Yours Sincerely ,
Tony Chai

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Some Winning Trades

These were some of my recent trades based on earnings announcements.

I was basically bearish of the market and went to trade puts.

Petco Animal Supplies Inc. (PETC)
25/8 - BTO PETC Sep 25 Put @ $1.15
26/8 - STC PETC Sep 25 Put @ $2.50
Profit = $130 (117%)
Resons for entering trade : A day earlier, Petsmart Inc. (PETM) also reported earnings but did not meet expectation and the shares dropped. Since PETC is also from the same industry, I bought a put for its earnings play.

Dycom Industries Inc. (DY)
29/8 - BTO DY Sep 20 Put @ $0.40
30/8 - STC DY Sep 20 Put @ $1.30
Profit = $90 (225%)
Reasons for entering trade : Company shares have the habit of gapping down. Please refer to your 1-year chart at BigCharts. Thus, I bought a put for earnings play.

Micros Systems Inc. (MCRS)
29/8 - BTO MCRS Sep 45 Put @ $1.30
31/8 - STC MCRS Sep 45 Put @ $2.60
Profit = $130 (100%)
Reasons for entering trade : I just felt that the software developed for the hospitality, restaurant and retail sectors were not performing well.

I hope you would have profitable options trades to tell me too !!


Tony Chai