Sunday, September 04, 2005

Live Freely! Seminar by Dr Clemen Chiang


To be fair, I believe you should read the following news articles before you read this review any further. Thank You.

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Frankly speaking, I wouldn't have reached this far with my stock options trading (especially when I spotted winning trades) if it's not because of Dr Clemen Chiang's Live Freely Options Trading Seminar.

If you visit the Live Freely web-site, you'll realise that Dr Clemen Chiang has a list of credentials to his name but to me what's heart-warming about him is his passion to see his graduates succeed. In his seminar, he taught us the skills & techniques of trading US stock options, which were refined from his many years of stock options trading experiences, to be the most appropriate for stock options trading.

In the Live Freely Seminar, Dr Clemen Chiang spent some time teaching us about Technical Analysis (TA) ie. stock chart reading & the use of technical indicators. But I find his sharing in the observation of the price, volume & Level II Code to be most powerful. From my own stock option trading experiences, I find that monitoring the price, volume & Level II Code enables me to determine the how the stock market is reacting to a particular stock and that is useful in guiding me when I would enter and exit an stock option trade position. The observation would sometimes throw caution on whether I should walk away from a stock options trade so as to conserve my money although the fundamental aspect of the stock might seem promising. I realise you might learn about the technique of analysing price, volume & Level II Code from certain trading books but I have yet to read one which teaches you how to apply the observation of price, volume & Level II Code comprehensively compared to his stock options trading seminar.

The Fundamental Analysis (FA) of a stock is actually the research of a company's business background in term of its past, current earnings & growth performance, financial position, institutional ownership, industry ranking etc. This is a important step that Dr Clemen Chiang want us to stick to before trading an option of a particular company. FA is important if you intend to trade options using Freely Most Powerful Strategy, which I would touch on later. Once again, I find Dr Clemen Chiang's sharing of the importance of looking into company's legal insider trading to be useful. At times, I would look into such insider trading transactions to determine whether I want to take up an option trade using Freely Most Powerful Strategy.

In the Live Freely Seminar, you'll be taught 3 very useful strategies in trading stock options :-

Freely Dynamic Strategy - Dr Clemen Chiang taught us how to utilise a 12-steps funneling procedure to select the best stock(s) to trade credit spreads ie. Bull Put Spread or Bear Call Spread.

Freely Powerful Strategy - an intra-day stock options trading technique following the 11-candles rule.

Freely Most Powerful Strategy - Dr Clemen Chiang taught us how to perform detailed analysis of stocks that would have high probability of gapping up/down in certain events eg. earnings announcement so as to capture the maximum profit from the increase in options premium when such a large price movement occurred.

Dr Clemen Chiang stressed that the most important discipline that a trader must stick to is money management. Whenever a trader becomes overly confident and starts "betting on the farm" on every trade, or when a trader wants to desperately recover from earlier losses by plunging a large sum on a single trade, he or she is committing financial suicide and would see his or her trading capital wiped out in no time. Dr Clemen Chiang's advice is to risk not more than 5% of your trading capital in every stock option trade.

When we have questions, Dr Clemen Chiang would patiently answer each and every one until all our queries were clarified. He has also recently relocated his training to a new Options Trading Facility known as Mice@CozyCot in a prime district in Singapore with a generous 15,000 square feet area equipped with wireless broadband environment, all from his heart of providing the best learning environment for everyone of his graduates to succeed.

Despite a busy schedule, he would take time to visit the online forum that he has specially set up for all Live Freely graduates and encourage them to post winning stock options trades so that this would motivate other fellow graduates not to give up so easily when we encountering losing trades and to persevere in their stock option trading journey till they succeed.

Dr Clemen Chiang has the passion to see everyone of us achieve financial freedom with stock options trading and so far from the numerous winning trades that I've seen posted in the forum I would like to humbly commend that he has truly done a great job in the inculcation of his stock options trading skills!!

Dr Clemen Chiang conducts free Live Freely Workshops and a 4-Day Live Freely Seminar regularly in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & Hong Kong. Do make an effort to attend one of his free Live Freely Workshop when he happens to drop by your town and you'll know what I mean when I say he's a man full of energy, enthusiasm and passion to see that every of his graduates achieve financial successes from his stock option trading teachings.

And if you decide to register for the 4-Days Live Freely Seminar, I hope you could do me a small favour to inform the organiser that you were referred by me, Tony Chai from Batch 14, when you locate this information this stock options trading blog. I would like to say a Big "Thank You" for your kindness to a disabled options trader. Just a kind reminder : it's much cheaper to register for the 4-Days Live Freely Seminar right after you attend the Live Freely Stock Options Trading Workshop.

I'm pleased to inform that I'm currently holding position # 13 in the Live Freely Challenge Roll of Honour. If you refer back to my Stock Options Trading Blog, the 2,033% Profit with ANF Put Option in August 2005 was the winning stock options trade which put me in the #11 position. And I just want to repeat that I won't achieve this type of astounding winning trade if not from the teachings and passion from Dr Clemen Chiang.

Live Freely Seminar

I'm still working hard to maintain consistency in achieving profitable trades.

Wishing you Profitable in your Trading too.

Yours Sincerely ,
Tony Chai


Anonymous said...

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I would like to know more about the freely 4 days Seminar.

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Anonymous said...

saw you name in his seminar.
can u email me to tell me more about his method. i hold back because i saw some bad comments about his seminar.


Anonymous said...

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hans said...

do you have any system to determine at what price you would open postion and what time do you want to enter ? for example : if you want to buy call , at what price and at what time do you put the order ?

Tony Chai said...

Dear Hans :

Your concern is when & at what price is the best time to buy an option.

My concern is more of did you make a fundamentals check to determine the direction of the stock before using options as a leverage to trade the stock.

In terms of price, you should be concerned whether an ATM or OTM option is reasonably priced and gives you the leverage to earn your targeted profit if a stock moves maybe 10-15% in your anticipated direction.

Buy the option using limit order as far as possible. You don't have to chase the trade, they many many opportunities still available if you miss the current one.

In terms of timing, I tried to avoid buying options in the first 15 minutes when market opened since I find it a little chaotic. I look at Level II code, price chart movement & volume more closely to determine the timing of my buying.

All the above were learned from Dr Clemen Chiang Live Freely Seminar & the accumulation of my trading experiences after I graduated. I'm still a student in this journey and am still expanding my knowledge by keeping track of my trades in this blog and focus solely on refining my earnings gapping analysis skills.

Wish You would make a intelligent decision towards how you would proceed in your options trading career if you intend to pursue it further.

My Best Wishes to Your Success.

Tony Chai

Andrew said...

Hi Tony,

I came across your blog after trying to check out Dr.Chiang's seminar.

I would like to know your personal opinion about his seminar as I noticed that some people complain about his seminar. If you don't mind, I would appreciate your advice by e-mail to


Tony Chai said...

Hi Victor :

Believe me I've gone through the struggle as you have experienced.

But I felt me no matter what trading techniques that we adopt eventually or from whichever "guru" that we learnt from, the important thing is still about building our foundation.

Although I have attained quite a good knowledge base on options trading before attending the seminar, I've actually learnt more from my trading experiences, trading mistake; mostly trial & error stuff.

From randomly trading options using Freely method, I have decided once and for all to log down all the trades I've done so that I could have a fairly good reference to decide whether to enter the next trade.

I would look at the implied volatility (IV) of the option very stringently and would usually abort the trade if IV were too high. I would sometimes hold options and exit before earnings announcement to capture a good premium with inflated IV, although my anticipation of stock price direction still need to be correct.

I refer to my log every quarter to determine what stocks to trade for earnings. I would usually not miss the opportunity to do a directional trade of a company which has big prior gapping price for earnings if the option premium is cheap enough & has a worthy risk/reward ratio.

I'm still studying other methods of options trading, especially from Mr Ronald Lee of & I'm still paper-trading his method.

Take care and I hope one day you'll be able to find an options trading technique which would give you consistent success.


Tony Chai

Tony Chai said...

Hi Victor :

Congrats on your successful trade on MA. I hope you would have more winnings ahead.


Tony Chai

Eric said...

Hi, Tony,

I found your blog through Sean of RoadtoFF forum.

I'm new to options trading and would like to get started.

I have attended a free seminar by Mirriam MacWilliams and Aaron Sim of and they are promoting a 4 day workshop.

Sounds good but is it too good to be true? They seems to have lots of good reviews from past students on their simple and easy to use strategies.

I have heard of Dr Clemen Chiang option trading course but have not attended any intro seminar yet.

There's also a options trading course by T3B, with Keane Lee. Personally, i have attended his T3B Trader course and using it at the moment but really hard to profit in these volatile market conditions now though i did have some profits in paper trading. I have to say that the system would work nicely in trending markets. Hmmm ...

Anyway, would like to hear your views on options trading courses.

I know that it is not as easy as they claim to be able to trade profitably, after just 3 or 4 days on course. Some may be able to get it right at the right time, but whether can be consistent is another thing.


Tony Chai said...

Hi Eric :

To me I felt that options trading is a totally new ball game compared to stock trading even though the options are riding on the performance of the stocks.

In options, you can trade the upside with call options and the downside with put options. And when you "mix & match" them together in various strategies, both the calls & puts can be traded for the upside & downside. They can even be traded to take advantage of a neutral-trending market environment. Although all these might sound exotic and the myriad of strategies seemed to impress, mastering all these things take time, intense knowledge building & commitment to keep on learning & refining one's skills as he or she accumulates live trading experiences.

You can learn from any guru in the market but ultimately you have to become the guru yourself. You have to determine your own trading style & technique and have to ask yourself hard whether you have the passion to make trading work for you so as to make a living out of it, despite all the obstacles, criticism & thoughts of giving up that you would certainly encounter along the way.


Tony Chai

Kar Jun said...

Hi Tony,

I attended Dr. Clemen Chiang's seminar in KL - Freely66 from July 12 to 14, and I am very glad I did that. Before I attended his seminar i've done some research and came across your review on his seminar so i decide to attribute the seminar referral fees to you. Success Resources should be sending a cheque to you soon =)
The only contact details i can give them is that you're from Freely14 and they should have your details, i hope i remember your batch number correctly.

Happy Trading and i'll be following your footsteps soon!

Kar Jun
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Anonymous said...

hi everyone,

I'm another graduate from Freely. But I failed to master his strategy very well. Basically I found his strategies are too tedious and too many research need to be done before entering the trade. I felt Clement has done a pretty good job to show the newbies the world of option trading. He teaches us know-how to trade, but never really guide us in a simple and easy way of choosing the right stock to play.

After freely, I went to optronics seminar, but it didn't convince me is better than freely.

Today I went for a free seminar by Mirriam MacWilliams, which in some way similar to freely, but it also attracts my attention that her method is much simpler and easier to grasp. The course fee was double than freely, and I almost wanted to sign up. I just like to hear from others who have attend these 2 courses.

Bottomline my feedback is that Freely strategy are too tedious (can you imagine 12 steps funnel - by the time you have finished 12 steps, you could have missed the market). Mirriam's appear to be simpler and less work.

Tony Chai said...

Hi :

I understand your predicament.

You can check all the fundamentals, the chart signals etc. but the market would at times react contrary to what you anticipated. Since this is a 50/50 chance type of strategy, why not consider aborting the trade if premium were overly inflated. May be you could learn a strategy where the guessing elements are very much reduced & then use a small portion of the profit to trade earnings gapping.

But one thing I wish to highlight is trading is not about taking short cuts to find a few good trades and then just buy the options thinking they would fetch sure-win profits. It takes time & efforts to build a strong foundation and take even more time & efforts to back-test what you've learned either thru virtual or real trading. Write down the experiences & mistakes some-where so that you could refer to them again. Sometimes, patterns & situations would repeat & when you have this handy reference they could present a higher probability trading opportunity or they could warn you not to commit the same kinds of mistakes again when these repeated events occur.

In my opinion, you could learn from any trainer but eventually you would have to decide for yourself which technique can let you survive in the long-run. This is a step which nobody can decide for you because you have to back-test whatever or whoever you've learned from for at least a while to determine whether the technique is useful or not. Most of the time you have to keep refining the technique to check whether new knowledge you've picked up is relevant to improve it & discard those that don't help in the trading of the technique. All these extra knowledge would not waste your time, although I truly prefer to pick them up free either from books or the internet.

Sometimes a technique may not suit us due to the size of our capital outlay, our trading style - the technique is aggressive but we are very risks-conscious etc. If we're humbled by the market, we should be humble to pick up more knowledge, put in more hard work or may be re-learn a technique which suit our trading style.


Tony Chai

hyzelinho said...

You should be the next Option guru and teach us!

I believe you have touch many people's heart with your determination.

I really hope to see you succeed big time one day.

Tony Chai said...

Hi :

I'm far from being a options guru to teach anyone.

I'm still learning in this journey & for your information, I'm trading less & less of this earnings gapping analysis technique. I would abort a trade if premium were too overly inflated & when signals don't point towards a high probable direction after earnings.

I'm not a person who gives up easily but I have to admit this 50/50 chance strategy is not growing my capital at all. Many times I either execute stop loss or close my trade before earnings announcement.

I'm actually re-learning my trading skills again from Mr Michael Woo & I hope to one day be able to share with fellow options traders whether I would do better with the news skills I pick up.


Tony Chai

Lie Chen said...

Hi Tony

Your post is very encouraging. I just graduated from Freely school this year May, batch 62nd. In the first two months, I strike more than 50% of stocks but still losing money due to: 1) my capital is too small, need to cover high commission from OX 2) the gapping is too small.

On the 3rd month, I learned about % difference between HV and IV, and I manage to choose companies with absolute gap, but I lose more, as 100% of stocks I bought went opposite direction, and I can’t even cut loss due to the gap is big in opposite direction. However, I won’t give up, because I think I am almost there, because the chance for up or down is 50:50. I should able to recover back the lost soon. My capital is zero again, I just sent out cheque for fund in.

Btw, I am staying at JW too, hope someday we can come out for coffee ;-)

Lie Chen

Tony Chai said...

Dear Lie Chen :

Can I request that you stop trading the earnings gapping analysis technique using your 2nd lot of hard-earned capital until we could discuss face to face?

I'm staying near Jurong Point. If anyone also wish to talk about options trading with me I would usually be available on Fri or Sat evening at Jurong Point area. Just send me an email at

Lie Chen, if you're able to catch this message on time, can you email me so that we could meet tonight, Sat 6 Sep 2008 around 7.00pm?


Tony Chai

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nightfalc said...

I hereby acknowledge that I had published defamatory statements about Clemen Chiang's character. I apologize unreservedly for any damage, hurt and injury which I may have caused to Clemen Chiang. I hereby declare that I withdraw and retract all my said statements about Clemen Chiang's character.