Saturday, November 19, 2005

Traders' Library Warehouse Year-End Liquidation Sale

Dear fellow traders :

Traders' Library is having a Warehouse Year-End Liquidation Sale, many quality trading books and video are discounted as much as 98%. Grab this opportunity before the promotion ends.

Traders' Library


Tony Chai


angelic111 said...

so where can we trade options in singapore for us shares?? is there any recommendation of places or dealers?? what systems do you all use or website that you all access to? Im a super newbie on options trading and i think that options is a very very great financial tool to use. I wonder why singapore doesnt have it.

Tony Chai said...

Hi :

I learned my options trading from Live Freely Options Trading Seminar. You can read about the details here :

As for trading options, I trade them online using an online broker called

My advice is, if you want to trade options successfully, learned the proper techniques from a good options trading seminar and put into application what you've learned consistently. Frankly speaking, in my trading journey, I experienced wining trades and I also experienced losing trades but I learned a lot from these trades and I am still constantly refining my trading skills every day.


Tony Chai

Terry Lee said...

Hi Tony,

check my blog out.

you can buzz me at