Thursday, March 23, 2006

KBH Trade - 23/3/06

Entered a limit order to buy a KBH Apr 60 Put at $0.95 but was not filled.

On 22/3/06 AMC (after market close), KBH reported earnings for the 1st quarter of $2.02 per share, $0.06 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $1.96. Revenue rose 34% compared to 2005 to $2.19 bln vs the $2.24 bln consensus.

On 23/3/06, share gapped up about $0.90 when market opened but when better than expected exisiting home sales figures were announced, it prompted share to go up further and close at the end of the day at $67.82 (+3.23).

GOOG was added to the S & P 500 AMC and shot up $31 to reach $373.50 in after market trading.


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