Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New 2007 Edition of the Options Mastery Series

Dear Traders :

The Options University is nearly sold-out of the New "Options Mastery Series 2007 Edition" and are now down to below 100 copies...

Will they release it again? Sure...

But not until March of 2007, and if I have my way, it's going up another 500 bucks to $1997.

Now that may seem like a lot...

But not when you consider what you're getting!

Mr Ron Ianieri has spent 15 YEARS on as a professional options trader to learn these secrets...

...And now you can use the same insider tricks, strategies, and secrets that Ron has used for years to dominate the crowds he was in down on the floor, making millions of dollars for the firms he has worked for... and he made some huge bonuses doing it too.

If you're asking yourself "Then why isn't he still doing it?!?"


The floor went digital, and the floor traders were phased out.

Including Ron ...

So he decided this was a chance to do what I've always wanted to do...

Teach options and trade for my myself.

These are 2 of his utmost passions.

And that's good news for you...

Because now you can tap into Mr Ron Ianieri's 15 years of experience and 'look over his shoulder' as he let you in on some of my biggest secrets and teach you about how to consistently pull respectable profit.s out of the markets using options ...

So if you're still "on the fence" we urge you to review the videos and recordings below.

Here's what one student who's been following the Mastery Series since last year had to say about the course:

"I have owned the Options Mastery Series for almost a year now .. and have had a steady winning track record of small trades.

"I started out with a $1,500 account as a result of some poor training by the "Other Guys" and now have an $9,000 account. This I consider not bad for just six months of active trading.

"It took me six months to really become comfortable with the wealth of information Ron was feeding me. It was only after that "I believe I can do this" feeling that I started to make those first small trades (one to three contracts) at first.

"Well, the strategies Ron taught really worked! I believe now that there is no limit to what I can accomplish given I stick to what I have learned. If you truly want to become successful at trading options, then Ron's course is the one you should invest your money and time into."

Jesse Malczyk

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