Wednesday, April 01, 2009

ES Trading - 1 Apr 2009

Dear fellow traders :

These few days my Ninja Trader (NT) was not able to access the streaming data from IB. Had to open & close NT a few times to establish the connection. The streaming data turned out fine in IB but the data just couldn't load in my NT.

On Tuesday, this was a blessings in disguise because I could have loss more if I've entered my trade too early on that day. But on yesterday, since I could only successfully load the data onto NT around 10.15am EST, I've missed a big chunk of the move by then. Nevertheless, I still long the ES since the S&P500 10 min. stochastic is still trending upwards. I've realized the S&P500 hit some resistance at the R1 pivot point. That gave me the signal to get out when that level was touched twice. Netted a paper profit of 2.75 points.


Tony Chai