Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ES Trading 11 June 09

Dear fellow traders :

In this S&P 500 e-mini trading session, my entries were based on studying pure price action. These few days I've been studying all the ES price movement that I've managed to screen captured in the past of between 8.30am EST and 12.00pm EST.

Though I entered on high probable trades, I kept my stop loss tight at max. 2 to 3 points. For that, I have to thank Ed for telling me that if I had my risks factored in before a trade, I would be able to enter a trade with less fear. That really calmed me so that my mind is focused on looking for high probability trades.


Tony Chai


Investor Tool said...

i agree that we should think about the risk first, then we can focus on the profits.

Anonymous said...

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