Friday, July 03, 2009

Economic Calendar

Dear fellow traders :

For those familiar with the trading of the e-mini US index futures, or even forex, you'll realize that price movement usually fluctuates a lot after the announcement of certain major US economic reports like employment data, housing data, gross domestic product (GDP), inflation data etc.

Thus, it's crucial that you keep track of when such economic reports would come out so. This would enable you to be cautious whether to get out of a position before their announcement. But I understand you could also be someone who's skilled in taking advantage of such major economic announcements to time your trade.

Most of these major US economic reports would be announced either on 8.30am EST or 10.00am EST. I would usually go to and type in 'economic calendar' and I would visit any of the finance-related web-sites for this information.

So, do be alert of the announcement of major US economic reports so that you won't get caught off-guard of an adverse price reaction to your existing position after such announcements.

Yours truly,

Tony Chai


Futures Trading Tips said...

yes, economic calendar is important. I usually avoid to trade on big announcement date. The risk is too big for me.