Friday, August 21, 2009

ES Trading - 17 to 21 Aug 2009

Dear fellow traders :

Trading the S&P500 e-mini based on price action & looking at support/resistance lines.

17 Aug 2009 (Monday) - Profit = $112.50

18 (Tuesday) Aug 2009 - Profit = $25.00

19 Aug 2009 (Wednesday) - Profit = $75.00

20 Aug 2009 (Thursday) - Loss = $50.00

21 Aug 2009 (Friday) - Loss = $87.50


Tony Chai


Anonymous said...

Actually I would like to know whether TOS platform can trade this e-mini?

in google finance, i cant get ES when I type in the ticker.

I am new to futures.

Tony Chai said...

Hi :

ES is the ticker for the S&P500 e-mini index futures. I've recently posted an entry about the background of the e-mini futures, here's the link :

You can certainly trade the e-mini futures with TOS. It's just that the Ninja Trader has a super DOM trading platform which enables entry, exit and setting up of profit target/stop-loss faster. This is crucial since the ES price movement is very volatile & fast execution might be necessary to get in & out at a profit or loss FAST. You might want to explore for the same kind of trading platform.

Instead of Google Finance, you can get your ES quote from :

Hope the above helps.

Good luck in your trading, friend.

Tony Chai