Saturday, April 10, 2010

Free Options Trading Course

Dear fellow traders :

Just want to share a site with you if you've always wanted to learn about stock options and how to trade them.

Travis has devoted a considerable amount of time and effort to create a web-based home study course in his site. To facilitate learning, he has organised the options trading materials into modules so that the knowledge could be acquired in a step-by-step manner. The wonderful thing is, the knowledge he shared is free.

I wish to commend Travis for presenting the materials in layman terms for the benefits of beginner traders. But seasoned traders will find his modules on technical indicators useful as I have always been confused with their proper use to aid my trading. I believe many of you will like module 6 where Travis reveals the steps of how he actually trades options, something which most traders will not share freely.

Travis' option trading web-based home study course

Hope you find the lessons useful.


Tony Chai


Options Trading said...

i love free stuffs. We can learn risk free.

Tony Chai said...

I hope you find it beneficial.

Danny Guttridge said...

How profitable is swing trading with options? I trade options, but it's usually just one contract at a time because I'm a poor college student. I try to just look for strong volume spikes for trend shifts on stocks I know. The thing that kills me the most are the commission fees since they're pretty substantial in comparison to one contract.

Danny Guttridge

George said...

Hello option traders,
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Anonymous said...


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