Friday, November 05, 2010

The Social Network aka Facebook

Dear friends,

When I sign up for a Facebook account back in year 2005, I didn't realize this social network portal is going to be that BIG!

Nowadays, if you're not in Facebook, you're out!

Just look at smartphone users around us, almost everyone I see is scrolling his or her Facebook account. During break times at work, almost every colleague is sneaking in to check who has left what in their Facebook account.

Medias, corporations are riding on this Facebook frenzy to promote themselves. It's certainly a hip market tool that has extended beyond the Google PPC marketing avenue.

Talking about hip, the movie "The Social Network" has been released in the US in Oct 2010. I guess you know what's the movie is about :)

I just went to the Rotten Tomatoes movies review site and found that this movie has garnered an amazing 97% rating!! That's remarkable for a movie which does not boast big budget FX special effects and action sequences. I believe it should have scored brilliantly with a clever script, good directing and a great cast and I'm pretty sure this movie will do great in next year's Oscar. From the rave reviews that I've seen so far, I guess this is one movie that I will not miss.

By the way, my Facebook ID is Tony Chai. Wow! I just found out that there are tons of Facebook users registered as "Tony Chai". I won't be too surprised since up to July 2010, Facebook has more than 500 million users around the world. The company is estimated to be worth at least US$30 Billion.


Tony Chai

P.S. I just watched the movie and I've only one word which aptly describes it - Fast. It's like a computer program being coded line by line by a professional programmer. Each dialogue is quick and kept the pace of the movie tight without making the story too confusing. Mr Jesse Eisenberg portrays the character of Facebook's creator, Mark Zuckerberg, really well. I wonder whether Mr Mark Zuckerberg talks bullet-fast like that in real-life synonymous with how quickly he generated those Facebook program codes. I'm also wonderfully surprised that Mr Justin Timberlake put up a great performance playing the character of the inventor of Napster. Go watch it!


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