Sunday, February 17, 2013

Option Trading Course

Hi fellow options traders,

I've also started revising this home-based option trading video course that I've invested 3 years ago. Basically this options guru taught a way to earn residual income by :

1. buying double calendar
2. selling iron condor

The good thing is : just 2 option trading strategies that an option trader can focus, practise and perfect upon until the trader can earn a residual income from the strategies eventually.

I also found the videos on adjusting positions important and useful in salvaging the positions when the price goes too near the breakeven price level.

Here's my paper trading results so far. I will practise more before I trade with real money.

Iron Condor trade with DIA. Profit of USD165 with 3 contracts. Adjusted position once.

Double Calendar trade with EEM. Profit of USD21 with 3 to 5 contracts. Adjusted position once.

Iron Condor trade with SPY. Loss of USD260 with 10 contracts. Adjusted position 3 times (SPY just kept reaching the breakeven points and I have to roll the bull put spread upwards).

Here are the 2 trades that I've just established :

Sold Iron Condor with DIA. 5 contracts.

Bought a Double Calendar with IWM. 5 contracts.

You can find out more about this home based option trading video course here. Hope you find it useful too.

Yours Truly,

Tony Chai