Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Announcement That Ron Ianieri Just Confirmed On the Phone With the Vice President of the Nasdaq

Fellow Options Traders :

There's going a major shift that is coming in Q3 of this year that will change how savvy investors trade forever.

Armed with the information that Mr. Ron Ianieri is about to share with you, you'll be centuries ahead of 99.99% of all other traders when it comes to making 'Pirate-sized' profit.s, even while protecting your portfolio.

Today at 12PM Noon EST (12 Jul 2007), the Options University is re-releasing their 2007 Edition Options Mastery Series, which has sold out on each of the last two limited releases.

That's because options trading is about to go 'mainstream' and you now have a rare chance to learn from one of the best in the business.

Listen to what some of the other experts in our industry have to say about Mr. Ron Ianieri and the Options University :

==> "The Options Mastery Series"

So let 'Today be the Day' you take the first step towards finding your personal fortune. In the coming months and years ahead, trading options in the 'new market' environment may just be the fastest and easiest way.

Will YOU be ready?


Here's where to go at 12PM Noon Today (12 Jul 2007) to find out:

==> "The Options Mastery Series"


(If you go there before Noon, you'll see a brief video of Mr. Ron Ianieri and a countdown timer for when you can get all the information and check availability)

whether you're trading options yet or not, I recommend that you go to this page today at Noon, and at least find out what it's all about...

Take Care,
Tony Chai


Options University has just put up a complimentary chapter of the "Options Mastery Series" for you to view online (No strings whatsoever).

And it's not just the highlights, it's a full subject from the best-selling "Options Mastery Series", entitled:

The Greeks: Delta

Now for those of you who don't already know this, 'Delta' is one of the most important Greeks you can know when trading options.

Knowing the 'sweet spot' of an options Delta can make all the difference in the world...

It can make the difference between success and failure!

You can watch this entire session on Delta now, (and discover the 'sweet spot' of any option's Delta) by visiting HERE.

P.S. Remember, the last two times the 'Mastery Series' has sold out of all available copies, and the last time they even pulled it down early. With the Nasdaq about to start listing options, NOW is the best time in history to learn how to trade options.

P.P.S. You can also read more 'rave reviews' of the Mastery Series below from other traders like yourself, getting results:

==> "The Options Mastery Series"

"This is powerful information that will impact my trading results immensely. I'm excited!"
- Eric Jackson, Kansas City, MO

"Not only did I learn a how I can start to supercharge my trading, I also learned a lot about the market overall."
- Laura Fleming, Ocean City, NJ

"Thank you for sharing this, no-one else is talking about this anywhere, but I'm glad I heard it first... Thanks, keep up the good work!"
- Fred Rolden, Grand Rapids, MN

"Wow, this is big news... and I love your passion! As a very experienced trader of 24 years, I can hardly wait for this to happen!"
- Alan Gardner, Burlingame, CA


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