Saturday, June 23, 2007

Do you know why Bill Gates drop out of Harvard....

Dear fellow stock options traders :

I am not sure whether you know Mr Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard, but he pulled his best friend, Steve Ballmer to drop out of Business School.

I think our parents will be shocked at such an outrage if we ever drop out of such a prestigious school before getting the coveted degree, not to mention pulling our close friend along - talk about Bad Influence!!!

The thing is Bill got his hands into something so powerful that it was supposedly banned by the Catholic Church more than 50 years ago... It has recently re-surfaced and those who know about it try to keep it from the masses. These powerful secrets are revealed to those who are wealthy and powerful including their close associates.

* The 1st World War broke out in 1914. Those who knew "the secret" were protected.

* The Great Depression crippled the nation in 1929. Those who knew "the secret" prospered.

* Fast forward to the 21st Century, who knows what will happen to you, if you possess this powerful tool that Bill Gates has....

Here is the website that might change your life. You will live your life full of regrets if you missed this...

==> "The Definitive Secret"

"I Know The Secret" and the Secret "Before The Secret". It is Powerful!!!


Tony Chai

P.S. - For all Secret Fans. This is "Before The Secret".
==> "The Definitive Secret "


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

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Tony Chai said...

Hi Livermore (He's one of the best speculator I loved!!!) :

Nice blog, buddy!!!

See that you're trading structured warrants based on technical analysis.

Since we're from Singapore, may be we can meet up one day for coffee and share experiences. We are both trading derivatives although we are trading different types of underlying assets.

Have a great weekend. Ho Say !!!

Yours Truly,

Tony Chai