Friday, September 21, 2007

High Search Engines' Ranking for Your Blog/Web-Site

Hi friends :

Really appreciate Mr Edmund Ng, CEO of, for showcasing my options trading blog to demonstrate that the application of good white-hat SEO (search optimization) techniques can enable my blog to achieve high ranking in search engines like Google & MSN.

Edmund was kind enough to give a complimentary 3 full-days internet marketing workshop to a group of physically challenged members (including myself) at the Handicaps Welfare Association back in Feb 2007. He taught us the step-by-step techniques on how to go about setting up an online internet business from scratch and went on to show us all the SEO skills to optimize & how to drive traffic to our web-site. We were also very grateful to Edmund for giving us the 29 Steps Internet Marketing videos for free.

For a preview of his next Internet Marketing Seminar, you can go to this Link. If you want to find out more details about the 29 Step-by-Step Internet Marketing Videos DVD, you can Click Here.

In my opinion, the Internet Marketing Seminar conducted by Mr Edmund Ng and the Internet Marketing Videos DVD are both affordable, practical and useful. If you want to achieve higher search engines' ranking for your blog/web-site with good, no non-sense white-hat SEO techniques, I highly recommend that you check out Edmund's internet marketing seminar and DVD.

Yours Truly,

Tony Chai

P. S. The Internet Marketing Seminar & the 29 Step-by-Step Internet Marketing Videos DVD comes with a 1,000% money-back guarantee. That's how confident Mr Edmund Ng felt that Your internet business would be positively impacted by his white-hat SEO techniques. Edmund is also providing 6 months post support if you signed up for the seminar or buy the DVD.


turnip said...

hai, can you teach me how to get more traffic for my blog.
thanks for your kind,.

turnip said...

thanks for your suggest, you mean i should change or review wy blog decription or what ?
please give me information to get my blog better.
thanks alot

Tony Chai said...

Hi Turnip :

Thanks for visiting my blog.

One good way to increase traffic to your blog is to join a Paid To Click site called Clixsense. By clicking the ads in your account, you earn cash where you could use these earnings to set up Ad campaigns to send targetted traffic to your blog.

What's more, you will earn 10% of the revenues collected from your referrals and a $5.00 commission on any member you refer who upgrades their account to premium status in the month of Sep 2007.

This method has helped to deliver quality traffic to my blog and I'm sure it will do the same to your blog as well.

Yours Truly,

Tony Chai
My Options Trading Blog

Benjamin Lim said...

Tony, thanks for sharing, I made lot of mistake and suffered great loss in options trading. Can you teach me how to pick the right options to trade. My email is, Thanks Ben.

Joseph Lee said...

Hi Tony,

Saw your Blog and read your personal Bio. Well, I joined Dr Chiang's 48th intake and so far have been enjoying the journery.

It's a pleasure mtg you. Let's exchange notes sometimes.
Joseph Lee.

Internet Marketing for Beginner said...

1. does clixense break any rules in Google Adsense ?
2. have you received any money from clixense ? if yes, in what form ?
3. do you have any tips for my blogs ?


Tony Chai said...

Hi :

1) I don't think Clixsense violates Google Adsense terms. You click the adverts in your Clixsense account to earn money & then convert these money to ad campaign to send targeted traffic to your web-site/blog.

2) As I've only just joined Clixsense, I have not earned much yet. You can actually refer others to join to earn some referral fees. I would advise that you convert them into credits to drive consistent targeted traffic to your site/blog.

3) Just keep building your blog with quality contents & you would have repeated visitors.

Good Luck!

Yours Truly,

Tony Chai
Options Trading Resources