Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Trading Secrets of Top Wall Street Floor Traders

Dear Fellow Traders :

For the first time in Singapore, Mr Ron Ianeri, co-founder of The Options University, and Chief Options Strategist for The Options University, is giving a FREE Options University Introductory Workshop on the 5th to 7th September, 2007 at the Amara Hotel, Singapore, Ballroom 1 Level 3.

In the free workshop, you'll learn to :

# Find explosive money making opportunities within minutes a day
# Make huge profits even as the market crashes
# Make consistently monthly profits
# Learn to Trade successfully and safely directly from the experts on Wall Street
# Learn options strategies like covered calls, spreads, straddles and strangles the right way

The exact strategies and techniques that Mr Ron Ianeri is going to share with you have created millions and millions of dollars of wealth for his client's accounts. And he is holding absolutely nothing back in his live classes!

He understand that some of the concepts that he teach may seem totally foreign to you. Don't worry about that. Mr Ron Ianeri has a knack for making things very simple and easy to understand. Even fun!

As this is his very first and exclusive seminar in Singapore, seats are limited and are filling up fast! Just give him 3 hours of your time and he’ll show how you can make an impact to your life!

Hurry! Register now!! Don’t miss out this opportunity!

Yours Sincerely,

Tony Chai


lawrence said...

yo thanks for viewing my blog and written on my blog. i would like to exchange link with you. I didnt know your email so i just write a comment here. you can contact me through my email . Hope to hear you soon regarding link exchange

Tony Chai said...

Hi Akalawoo :

Your link has been added. Nice to know you've learned from Mr Conrad. Hope you are earning consistent profit.

Yours Truly,

Tony Chai

lawrence said...

hi thank, can you add me on my instead. Thanks.

Alan Phua aka Avance said...

Hi tony,

Mr Conrad is my 'si fu' too! Hope u'll have further success in trading!