Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ES Trading - 10 Mar 09

Dear fellow traders :

Told myself it's crazy to trade between 9.30am to 10.00am EST and yet I've went in. Done a few trades & by 11.00am EST I was down -5 points ($250).

It was then I realized that the indicators pointed downwards around 11.15am EST but the S&P 500 & ES simply refused to plunge. This rally has strength thus I long the ES using the profit target/stop loss figures suggested by Michael during the course. Let the trade run and closed the trade for 12 points ($600), thus netting a 7 points gain after deducting the 5 points loss earlier.


Tony Chai


Jules said...

12 points, Tony??!! I'm going to have to rob you! LOL!
Very nice work :-)

Tony Chai said...

Hi Jules :

You know I won't let it run till 12 points with real trading :)


Futures Trading Analysis said...

how many point is your stop loss figure? is it a fixed figure?