Monday, March 09, 2009

ES Trading - 9 Mar 09

Dear fellow traders :

ES traded on 9 Mar 09.

Suffered 3 consecutive losses amounting to -9.50 points ($475). Would have suffered more if I didn't bother to set the stop loss. Then the indicators pointed to probable downward trend and I shorted the ES. Took out profits in the 1st 2 trades & since ES still trending downward, I took a 3rd trade & the 3 trades netted 8.25 points ($412.50), reducing my loss to -$62.50. Not trading beyond 12.00pm EST.

Juliana has a great blog about futures trading at And yes, she does reveal her trading setup in her blog. You just need to search through her blog to find it. Or simply ask her, she is usually gracious to point out to you.

Check out Michael's site at for the next preview date of his e-mini futures trading course. You can also email him at :


Tony Chai


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hi, new to the site, thanks.