Sunday, November 12, 2006

** Important NASDAQ video announcement **

Major developments in the U.S. stock options market are about to be announced.

Go ahead and watch this 8-minute trading video for an update of this critical information :


This video is going to do one of two things..

It'll either get you pumped up and excited like never before, or upset
anxious, and agitated that "change" is about to take place and run
rampant throughout the stock market... But I think you'll be excited.

Either way, it will affect YOU and your trading dramatically.

What happened was ...

I received an important email a few days ago from renowned options trader, Mr Ron Ianieri & Mr Brett Fogle of The Options University.

It opened with the following statement...

"Major News in the stock market has just come out, and traders everywhere are 'buzzing' about the recent NASDAQ announcements that will affect the way people trade forever. (What it all means to the stock market and your trading (HINT: you may never trade stock again...)"

It captured my attention.

All I can say is watch the video this very minute.


Here's why...

Mr Ron Ianieri, a former 10-year floor trader and lead options market-maker, revealed a recent Nasdaq announcement that was just released that would rock the trading community the likes of which not seen in 100 years...

Plus he drops two other important announcements...

The information in the video are MAJOR developments in the trading markets. They were just announced to the public for the first time ever -- and will certainly impact your ability to extract profits from the markets going forward like never before (and in more ways than you think).

Since Mr Ron Ianieri is so excited about these new developments, he's putting
together a series of free training sessions and educational materials that he's personally putting together for you to bring you up to speed.

Nothing to buy. Just quality information.

He feels it's his professional duty to arm you with this critical information,
in light of these recent announcements. (You will agree when you find out).

View the video now to see exactly it's all about and why it would be at your disadvantage if you don't at least try getting all the facts... whether or not you ever trade options.

The markets are about to change forever... and even if you have no interest
in trading options -- you can't afford *NOT* to know about these developments.

Here's where you can get all the details and watch the video now:


(NOTE: This video will be pulled down within the next week, without notice.
Mr Ron Ianieri and Mr Brett Fogle don't want this information floating all around the internet, so be sure to go there and watch the video now.)

Best regards,

Tony Chai

P.S. Fortunes will be made in the next 12-18 months with this new information.

P.P.S. Mr Ron Ianieri only speaks out like this when there's something of vital importance to tell you. This is too important to miss. Visit link below to view the video now before it's pulled down forever. (Don't say I didn't warn you)



Joe Artickle said...

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online options trading said...


what do you think about ron ianieri right now ? is his seminar really worth it ?


Tony Chai said...

Hi :

If you want learn from a floor trader who has trained those who are also in his same profession profitable strategies to earn money from options in the long run, I think it's worth it.


Tony Chai

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Anonymous said...

most of the traders at the phlx feel that Ron's trading abilities weren't nearly as good as his luck... I personally don't know him or his trading philosophies, but whatever he is doing must be working at least to some extent. My theory is it never hurts to listen.