Thursday, November 23, 2006

Winning Trades - GHCI, CWTR

Dear fellow options traders :

Sharing the following real money & paper trades on GHCI & CWTR with you :-

Referring to the 1st screen capture, I've bought a Genesis Healthcare Corp. (GHCI) Dec 50 Put on 20 Nov 2006 at $1.90. Sold it at $3.50 after earnings announcement on 21 Nov 2006. 4th quarter is a challenging quarter for this heathcare service provider for the elderly. In 2005, GHCI shed almost $6 when reporting the same quarter. I've also checked from the chart that GHCI has reached its 52-week high of $50 recently and felt that if there's any weakness in the 4th quarter earnings, the share might retreat from this new high.

On 21 Nov 2006, Genesis Healthcare Corp. reported that its 4th quarter profit fell by 39%, dragged down by a $5.5 million writedown for two centers. However, excluding the charges, 4th quarter EPS was $0.62, $0.01 higher than Reuters Estimates consensus of $0.61. Revenues rose 6.2% year/year to $453.6 mln vs the $451.2 mln consensus.

Genesis said it expects 2007 profit between $2.43 and $2.48 per share, versus the average analyst forecast of $2.59 per share.

The above trades on GHCI & Coldwater Creek Inc. (CWTR) were based on gapping analysis, one of the technique taught by Dr Clemen Chiang to trade equity options when I attended the Live Freely Options Trading Seminar Workshop (Singapore).

You can take a look at my review of the Live Freely! Seminar HERE.

If you've managed to find out more about the Live Freely! Seminar from this blog and subsequently sign up for it, I hope you could do me a kind favour and mention Mr Tony Chai from Batch 14 as the referrer. Thank you for your kindness.

Currently, I'm still working hard to achieve profitable trades consistently.

Wishing you Profitable in your Trading too.

Yours Sincerely,

Tony Chai


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Benjamin said...

Hi dude,

have been quite intrigued by Clemen Chiang's seminar for sometime now, but need to discuss it further with you. Am also a fellow Singaporean option trader.

If you don't mind, you can contact me at philosophical_maniac(at)yahoo(dot) com(dot)sg

Would like to find out more about this method that he advocates. Have heard both good and bad things about it. Pls get back to me if you can. Cheers.